About J Rock

J Rock is all about participation for primary and intermediate school children across New Zealand.


What is J Rock?

J Rock is a performing arts event incorporating dance, drama and design which provides New Zealand primary and intermediate school students with an opportunity to express their creativity through music and dance by producing and eight minute performance.

The focus of J Rock is:

  • Students learning the benefits of being active and eating healthy food in a fun atmosphere
  • Students, teachers, parents and communities working together as a team to create an eight minute performance which reflects the personalities concerns, hopes and dreams of those who create it.
  • To offer students the opportunity to experience the thrill of performing live on stage

What is the difference between Stage Challenge and J Rock?

  1. J Rock™ is a non competitive event, instead it provides an opportunity for students and schools to participate in a friendly environment and encourages participation
  2. Participation awards and awards of excellence are given to acknowledge the school’s achievement and to encourage future participation
  3. A series of workshops and activities are also incorporated into the daytime activities for the students on event day to show them how fun learning about being healthy really is.
  4. In J Rock, there is an expenditure ceiling of $2,500 for entries. Schools can not spend more than this on there performance, making the event a level playing field for every school.


Why was J Rock established?

Due to the increase in New Zealand’s childhood obesity epidemic and the immense popularity of Stage Challenge, a junior event was established.

What does J Rock achieve?

J Rock works on a number of fronts to address the contributing factors behind the staggering childhood obesity rate in NZ.

  1. The event’s focus is on students having fun while making healthy lifestyle choices. Students involved in J Rock™ come away with the important message that lifetime habits of eating right, exercising and staying healthy start when you’re young.
  2. Traditionally, performing arts programs attract students that may otherwise be at risk of missing out on the fitness benefits of participating in organised sport programs. Dancing requires a high level of cardiovascular fitness and improves coordination.
  3. Builds students self esteem, boosts confidence & resiliency, promotes teamwork.

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